McCunn Specialty Firearms offers a $30 FFL transfer fee. All NFA transfers are $100. We encourage you to come to our store or check our website for pricing.

Gun Cleaning

$25 Per Firearm - Basic Field Strip and Clean

$50 Per Firearm - Detailed Cleaning 


At McCunn Specialty Firearms we offer basic level gunsmithing services!

Gun Values

At McCunn Specialty Firearms we offer value and insurance appraisal services. We use the latest firearms blue book and real-world pricing to accurately and quickly value your firearms.

Cost is $5.00 per firearm and will be typed on company letterhead.

NFA Items

Our staff will assist you in finding the right NFA item for your use. Whether it be a suppressor or SBR, we offer a wide selection of products!

We will assist in completing the ATF Form 4 and store your item until your approved form arrives! Contact us for more information.